HomeLife/Future Realty Inc., Brokerage*

HomeLife Future Realty Inc.*was founded on the 10th of July 2002 with the name "Future Vision Realty Inc." In November 2002 progress has been started with a phone call from the HomeLife Head office. With the good support and an attractive franchise option HomeLife Realty Services have adopted the four months old baby "Future Vision Realty" in to their ever growing Family and the name became "HomeLife Future Realty Inc."

"HomeLife Future Realty"has decided to expand and explore the horizons with the experience and the knowledge it has learned in the past with its accounting background. By the end of its First Year the Company has grown into 12 members.

On May 2004 in order to help the students who want to become agents phase I Real Estate Classes have been started. HomeLife Future has been started growing into a beautiful family, with its own power and values.

When the family gets bigger it definitely needed a bigger place. Luckily we got a space right beside our office. In September 2005 we have expanded our home with other 1400 square feet.

Here we are now in the year 2012 with 200 members. All our members are proud to be in this Real Estate career.

Real estate classes and seminars are part of our company's weekly schedule. This gives all the agents an opportunity to meet and discuss the ways to develop our service. With the seminars and training the agents get to hear the other agents experience and this helps every one to do the best in their career.

The secret behind our success is our vision, dedication and customer service.

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